Our mission

Our heart is passionate about being on mission; to serve Him and to know of the ominous responsibility it is to share to the rest of the world His greatness, joy, peace, and salvation. That is why we are “on mission”. Not only in the “uttermost parts” of our world but also here in our own community. To be “Missional” doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go to a foreign country. You can and need to be “on mission” right here in Okmulgee County. The mission field is right where we are everyday right outside our doorstep. Our heart is to help people understand the principal of being “missional”. We will continue to organize our mission emphasis to help us be more conscience that our mission field is not only abroad but right where we work, go to school, shop, etc. It has been amazing  to learn and visit the many ministry opportunities in our town. Physical needs of people are all around us but remember the greatest need they have is Christ. God does not want just our abilities He is seeking our availability.  The Purpose of First Baptist Church is to glorify God by leading people to become mature believers in Christ.